Hearing Services

Hearing Services for Seniors in Minnesota

In House Senior Services offers on-site audiology care for seniors throughout Minnesota. 

Our audiology staff helps patients maintain independence, improve communication, and restore confidence through personalized hearing aids and assistive listening devices. They are there for seniors from their annual hearings exams, to hearing aid cleaning & checks, and even diagnosing and treating hearing loss with the best hearing technology for their unique needs and lifestyle,

Coordinated Hearing Care

Every patient has a different path on their hearing health journey and most often they start with a hearing assessment so that our Audiologists can get a baseline and find out where they are at.

If there are medical problems underscoring hearing impairment or loss, our team will coordinate with their primary care physician and/or an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Understanding a patient’s full medical history is an important part of developing the most effective and beneficial solutions.

Rather than simply targeting specific symptoms, INHSS adopts a holistic approach. We strive to not only treat ailments but improve each senior’s total quality of life.

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In-House Hearing Aids for All

Nothing should stand between a senior and quality hearing care.

We provide comprehensive, personalized hearing aid care that includes initial screenings, fittings, repairs, and adjustments.

Adapting to a hearing aid can take some trial and error. INHSS audiologists are with seniors every step of the way.

For seniors adapting to hearing aids for the first time can seem daunting however, with the advancements in hearing technology and the help and guidance of our audiologists, it is easy.

We specialize in both In-the-Ear (ITE) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids for seniors of all levels of hearing impairment.

We work with several of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world and have a variety of hearing technology options so that we can provide seniors with the best hearing device for their unique type of hearing loss, lifestyle, and physical needs.

What type of hearing aid is best?

Hearing aids are an incredible technology that has improved drastically over the years. Smart hearing aids essentially take a sound, amplify that sound, and send that amplified sound to the ears of the person wearing them. Today hearing devices are so advanced and discreet that more and more patients are seeing the benefit of wearing them.

Untreated hearing loss often leads to isolation and loneliness especially for seniors however, hearing aids improve communication, build confidence, and often help patients enjoy the little things in life again.

There are many different types of hearing aids; some go behind your ear, some go in the ear, some use a custom impression to create an earmold to fit the patient’s ear canal perfectly. There are different styles, colors, sizes, technology levels and our audiologists are passionate about getting to know every patient and guiding them to finding the best fit for them and their hearing loss.

Choosing the right model will fall on personal preference and medical necessity. Every patient can discuss their needs with the audiology staff to determine the best fit for them.

“Thank you again for your willingness to keep working with us. It is such a huge benefit for our residents, tenants, and their family. I am so grateful for your services.”​

– Kim Larson; Community Life Coordinator

On-Going Hearing Aid Services

We offer battery replacement and have a great process in place to help patients get a new hearing aid battery supply before they run out. We work with staff at the home to make sure patients get new hearing aid batteries when they need them. Another service we provide for patients with hearing aids is our hearing aid repair and replacement process so that if or when a patient has a problem with a hearing air or maybe losses one, we can help. It is important to us that our patients have working hearing aids and we do our best to make sure to help in this process.

The care our audiologists provide is not limited to hearing exams and hearing aid services, they also provide seniors with ongoing hearing aid maintenance by doing clean and check visits every 90 days.

It is important to us that our patients continue to live as freely and comfortably as possible and we do our part by staying on top of their hearing care and hearing aid services to make sure that they keep hearing all the little sounds of life.