About Us

(Care That Counts: The INHSS Story)

In House Senior Services has been serving the senior community in Minnesota for the last 15 years. Since our founding, we have strived to deliver the most compassionate and affordable care to seniors living throughout the Twin Cities area. 

After years of dedicated service, we were fortunate to expand our offerings in 2012 to include personalized senior optometry and audiology services. 

In 2017, our services expanded even further thanks to a partnership with Apple Tree Dental. We now provide comprehensive senior dental care to various nursing facilities and assisted living homes. Our innovative mobile dental clinic can create a complete dental office on a building’s property in minutes, expanding care even further throughout the community. 

We believe that holistic care, which addresses the whole body, is vital to both physical and mental well-being. Caring for the senior community in Twin Cities and its outlying region brings us the greatest joy and purpose.

Our dedicated staff of physicians all love working with seniors, and they are delighted at every opportunity to meet new patients and build lasting relationships with them and their facilities.

Our Mission & Purpose

The entire staff at In House Senior Services believes that all seniors deserve the highest quality care and ongoing support. The senior years have tremendous changes, and the right team can make all the difference in how well a senior is able to manage symptoms and continue living life to the fullest.

We strive to improve seniors’ quality of life in their own facilities with affordable pricing because we feel cost should never lower the quality of care.

Our team of audiologists, optometrists, and podiatrists work with a service model designed to put patients, not profit, first. This includes no set-up fees, retention charges, or per-bed costs for facilities.

elderly woman sitting on smiling while resting her hands on her cane
Grandparents with grandson enjoying time together in park.

Patient-Centered Care You Can Trust 

In addition to following the best practices in geriatric care, all of our physicians dedicate themselves to a patient-first approach. This means every patient’s unique needs, personality, and preferences are put at the center of their treatments and care programs.

Our founder, Dr. Mohr, laid the groundwork for what is now the INHSS motto, “Caring for Those Who Cared for Us.” 

Bringing affordable, compassionate, understanding care to seniors throughout Minnesota is at the core of all our services.

“Thanks to Dr. Gould and In-House Senior Services, Great Grandma got all the care she needed right at home”

– DG, Family Member

Clinical Conduct That Places Patients First

In House Senior Services only provides medically necessary, justified, and reasonable services to our patients. We attend to listen and incorporate every patient’s feelings into treatment, and we never place them or their facilities in uncomfortable positions. 

We also respect and recognize the Medicare and Medicaid compensation programs, and work hard to ensure any eligible beneficiaries have their care completely covered. 

More than anything, INHSS strives to deliver care that empowers and uplifts the senior community in Minnesota. Being present and listening to their needs is the basis of providing the most in-touch, empathetic healthcare services. 

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