Eye Care

Senior Eye Care in Minnesota

In House Senior Services provides on-site optometry care for seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 

The eyes provide far more than sight to patients; they are critical for independence and autonomy, and they drastically affect a senior’s ability to actively care for themselves and engage with the world around them.

Our optometry services work with seniors of all ages, including those with visual impairments, ocular disease, and other disabilities. 

INHSS helps facilities deliver the greatest eye care to residents from the comfort of their own homes.

In-depth Diagnostics and Visual Assessments

We provide several diagnostic services to assess a patient’s visual ability. These include visual acuity tests and field tests, as well as physical exams of the eye’s structure and surface.

Visual acuity tests allow our doctors to determine how well a patient can see up close and far away, which facilitates eyeglass prescriptions and any modifications to existing lenses. 

Visual field tests identify any issues in the peripheral vision, which help determine eye sensitivity and identify possible indicators of diseases such as glaucoma. 

Detailed eye examinations also assess the structure and surface of a patient’s eye. These can help identify eye problems or diseases at their earliest stage, in which they have the greatest response to treatment and further preventative care. 

For patients with existing ocular disease, routine exams can track disease progression and help modify management plans to improve comfort and slow further deterioration.

Eye Pressure Examinations

Elevated pressure in the eyes can lead to the development of disease, vision loss, and even blindness. Measuring intraocular pressure is an important part of full senior eye care. It can help the early detection of glaucoma, as well as inform the best course of treatment. 

Elderly man examined by an ophthalmologist 2
senior woman choosing new pair of glasses 2

Refraction Tests

Patients’ needs evolve with time, so their care should change, too. Refraction tests help physicians determine what type of corrective eye care would be most beneficial for patients at this current point in their lives.

Refraction tests help adjust prescription eyeglasses for patients whose current lenses may no longer work as well as they used to. 

Affordable, Flexible Eyeglasses Repair 

In House Senior Services offers on-site repair and adjustments for seniors. While we will always collaborate with insurance providers, including Medicaid and Medicare, we also offer care on a fee-for-service basis.

Patients can choose new eyeglasses from a collection of stylish frames in plastic and metal finishings. All patients receive a new storage case for their glasses as well, free of charge.

“Thanks to Dr. Gould and In-House Senior Services, Great Grandma got all the care she needed right at home”​

– DG, Family Member

Treatment for Ongoing Ocular Disease

If a senior has a past diagnosis of CVA or TIAs, cataracts, glaucoma, or other eye problems, we will factor their full medical history into our treatment model. We put patients at the heart of every service, and we happily collaborate with their caregivers and other members of their medical team.

When specialized care is needed, one of our optometrists will handle the referral process to an ophthalmologist.