Areas of Care

Comprehensive Senior Care Services in Minnesota

Our on-site senior healthcare services cover a range of needs. We are happy to provide a broad scope of care that can be adjusted to suit every senior’s needs.

With expansive services across multiple disciplines, INHSS is able to support seniors throughout their evolving healthcare journey. 

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Feet carry a person throughout life, and they deserve the best care and support during senior years. 

Many seniors struggle with foot pain and changes to mobility, so preserving their movement, improving flexibility, and minimizing discomfort are key aspects of supportive care. 

Our senior podiatry care is responsive to the unique needs that many seniors face with their feet. In addition to preventative care, we also offer diabetic foot care, custom orthotics, nail care, and treatment for a range of foot problems.

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elderly woman getting a foot soak at home
Senior man trying new eyeglasses 2


Ocular care changes drastically throughout the senior years, and In House Senior Services is there every step of the way. 

Our staff is always available to provide personalized care for seniors struggling with diminished eyesight, cataracts, dry eyes, presbyopia, and other conditions. 

We offer eyeglass assessments and prescriptions, free adjustments and repairs, and on-site eye examinations for seniors with and without eye conditions.

When specialized care is required, our staff is happy to write a referral for a local ophthalmologist. 

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Our partnership with Apple Tree Dental helps senior citizens throughout the Twin Cities area get sensitive and responsive dental treatments. 

As people age, they may require dentures, which can be expensive to maintain. Our staff steps in to make fittings, implants, and adjustments easy and painless. 

Our dentistry team works out of clinics and creates community care points with our state-of-the-art mobile dental clinic. 

From root canals and extractions to routine cleanings and exams, our dental team works tirelessly to ensure senior citizens always have affordable, quality oral health care. 

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“We had the podiatrist at Madonna Summit for the second time and again were so pleased! The residents talk about him for days after he has been there.”​

– Kassie Marking, Director of Nursing


Hearing is integral to senior health and independence. Maintaining the ability to effectively and confidently communicate has a tremendous impact on both physical and mental well-being. 

Our audiology services include hearing aid fittings and repair, on-site hearing assessments, and help with both In-the-Ear (ITE) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids and other assisted listening devices. 

Hearing aids are personal, and every senior deserves a professional’s time and attention to get the perfect fit. Our audiologists work with seniors and their caregivers to ensure they are able to find the perfect solution and adapt to using a hearing aid without complications. 

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We Are Here to Serve

Our staff is always happy to work with seniors throughout Minnesota. Expanding our care to include more nursing homes and assisted living facilities helps us deliver more responsive, affordable care throughout the senior community.

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