Dental Care

Accessible Senior Dental Care

In 2017, INHSS was delighted to partner with Apple Tree Dental and begin offering dental services to the senior community across Minnesota.

Apple Tree Dental helps INHSS coordinate on-site, mobile dental services as well as expand accessibility through eight affordable, senior-friendly clinics.

Building accessible healthcare models for every aspect of a senior’s well-being is part of the INHSS and Apple Tree Dental mission.

Together, we help thousands of senior patients receive greater care for less cost.

What We Offer

Apple Tree Dental offers a wide range of oral care services to senior citizens across Minnesota. They are nationally recognized for their innovative approach to integrative approach toward oral care as a part of total-body wellness.

Their eight physical clinics and mobile dental facility feature a multilingual staff who are always willing to go the extra mile for their patient’s health and comfort.

Examinations and X-rays

Comprehensive exams include gentle examinations from licensed dentists and dental assistants. X-rays are also available to keep ongoing records and accurately diagnose patients.

Routine Exams and Cleanings

Regular cleanings and check-ups are an integral part of ongoing senior health. Committed to prevention, Apple Tree Dental and INHSS help patients care for their oral hygiene and lower the risk for gum disease and tooth decay.

Fillings, Root Canals, and Extractions

Whenever a senior citizen requires treatment, Apple Tree Dentists offer sensitive and responsive care. Cavity fillings, root canals, and tooth extractions are all available in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere with supportive staff.

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Comprehensive Denture Services

Many seniors rely on dentures, and our care ensures they never have to go without. We work with patients who have varying denture needs. Our offerings include making impressions for new dentures, relining, adjustments, and rush repairs.

Treatments for Sores and Gum Lesions

Seniors can develop mouth sores and gum lesions for several reasons. We offer comprehensive, rapid response care that not only alleviates pain but reduces the risk of infection or oral disease.

Palliative Treatment for Pain Relief

For patients with ongoing, long-term illnesses, improving comfort and reducing pain is the top priority.

Our dental staff is always available to offer personalized treatments for pain relief. We work with patients and caregivers to provide the most effective pain relief solutions.

“Dear Dr. DeBrule and Brianna, 

Thank you for your kindness and flexibility at The Colony this week. You were both great to work with. Not only that, but I heard glowing reviews from our residents.”

– Sue S, HUC

Patient-Centered Dental Care for Every Senior

Every patient’s health matters, and we believe a personalized approach delivers the greatest result. Seniors are always greeted in a friendly, comfortable environment and given plenty of opportunities to voice their thoughts, raise questions, and be advocates for their own needs.

We also closely collaborate with caregivers and other members of a patient’s medical team. If a patient has needs we are unable to meet, we will do everything to alleviate discomfort and arrange the best alternative care with the appropriate specialists.

Contact Us Today

For information about our mobile dental service, please contact Cathy Spencer at 763-600-6813 or

For all other inquiries, including information about our optometry, podiatry, and audiology services, please click here to contact In House Senior Services.